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Complaints Policy

Tyrone Mings Academy wishes to put customer needs at the very heart of the way we develop and enhance our coaching services. Customer feedback is part of our ongoing consultation process which we will use to learn and continuously improve our service.

We will promote the use of customer feedback via social media, website and face-to-face interaction.

Customer feedback will be analysed and viewed as an opportunity to assist in continuous improvement of our service.

We will ensure that all our Coaches are trained and therefore competent in the delivery of excellent customer service and are fully aware of the relevant company policies and procedures. Coaches will be encouraged to respond positively, be problem solvers and successfully resolve any issues as quickly as possible, and to refer on those which are more complex or remain unresolved

Dealing with Complaints – Initial concerns

1. We need to be clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint. We endeavour to take informal concerns seriously at the earliest stage to reduce the numbers that develop into formal complaints.

2. The underlying principle is that concerns ought to be handled, if possible, without the need for formal procedures. The requirement to have a complaints procedure need not in any way undermine efforts to resolve the concern informally. In most cases the class coach will receive the first approach. It would be helpful if coaches were able to resolve issues on the spot, including apologising where necessary.


To encourage resolution of problems by informal means wherever possible;
To be easily accessible and publicised;
To be simple to understand and use;
To be impartial;
To be non-adversarial;
To allow swift handling and keeping people informed of the progress;
To ensure a full and fair investigation by an independent person where necessary;
To respect people’s desire for confidentiality;
To address all the points at issue and provide an effective response and appropriate redress, where necessary;
To provide information to the Tyrone Mings Academy senior management team so that services can be improved.
Where the first approach is made to a Coach, the next step would be to refer the complainant to the Head of Academy and advise them about the procedure. The Coach should inform the Head of Academy of the complaint as soon as possible.

The Stages of Complaints

1. Complaint brought to the attention of the class coach, to be resolved informally;

2. Complaint heard by Head of Academy;

3. Complaint referred to Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative for them to resolve;

Investigating Complaints

At each stage, the person investigating the complaint will:

establish what has happened so far, and who has been involved;
clarify the nature of the complaint and what remains unresolved;
meet with the complainant or contact them (if unsure or further information is necessary);
clarify what the complainant feels would put things right;
interview those involved in the matter and/or those complained of, allowing them to be accompanied if they wish;
conduct the interview with an open mind and be prepared to persist in the questioning;
Keep notes of the interview.
Where complainants or members of staff are invited to a planned meeting either as part of the investigation any request to be accompanied by a friend or representative should be accommodated.

Resolving Complaints

At each stage in the procedure Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative will keep in mind ways in which a complaint can be resolved. It might be sufficient to acknowledge that the complaint is valid in whole or in part. In addition, it may be appropriate to offer one or more of the following:

an apology;
an explanation;
an admission that the situation could have been handled differently or better;
an assurance that the event complained of will not recur;
an explanation of the steps that have been taken to ensure that it will not happen again;
an undertaking to review Tyrone Mings Academy policies considering the complaint.
Complainants will be encouraged to state what actions they feel might resolve the problem at any stage. An admission that the Tyrone Mings Academy could have handled the situation better is not the same as an admission of negligence.

An effective procedure will identify areas of agreement between the parties. It is also of equal importance to clarify any misunderstandings that might have occurred as this can create a positive atmosphere in which to discuss any outstanding issues.

Vexatious Complaints

If properly followed, a good complaints procedure will limit the number of complaints that become protracted. However, there will be occasions when, despite all stages of the procedures having been followed, the complainant remains dissatisfied. If the complainant tries to reopen the same issue, Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative can inform them in writing that the procedure has been exhausted and that the matter is now closed. If a complainant is behaving in a threatening or aggressive manner or in a way which breaches Tyrone Mings Academy policies, they will be asked to leave the premises and may be banned from the premises. Nowhere in this Coaching environment will we tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour.


Complaints need to be considered, and resolved, as quickly and efficiently as possible. We aim to have realistic time limits for each action within each stage.

However, where further investigations are necessary, new time limits can be set and the complainant sent details of the new deadline and an explanation for the delay.

Following informal attempts to resolve the complaint the Formal procedures can be used by the complainant where they are still unhappy with the outcome.

Dealing with Complaints – Formal procedures 1

The formal procedures will need to be invoked when initial attempts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful and the person raising the concern remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further. The Head of Academy should ask the complainant to put their complaint in writing, stating that they wish to make a formal complaint. The letter should include their name and contact details and the nature of the complaint.

The Head of academy should:

acknowledge the letter within 2 working days
investigate the complaint and decide how best to resolve it within a further 5 working days

Provide a written response outlining how the investigation was conducted and the outcome of the complaint, as well as offering the complainant the opportunity to discuss the outcome if appropriate. This should be within 2 days of completing the investigation.

Advise the complainant that if they are dissatisfied with the outcome their complaint will be considered by Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative at Formal stage 2.
Inform the Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative that a Formal Complaint has been received and what action will be taken to provide a response without discussing the nature of the complaint at this stage.

If the Head of Academy is not able to resolve the complaint and/or the complainant remains unhappy the complaint should be dealt with at Formal Stage 2.

Formal Stage 2

The complainant should be informed that their complaint has been passed to, and how to contact, Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative. The complainant should write to Tyrone Mings Academy ltd or their representative and that letter should include their name and contact details, the nature of their complaint, where appropriate the reasons why they were unhappy with the Head of Academy’s decision.

Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative should:

Acknowledge the letter within 2 working days
Investigate and speak to everyone involved as soon as practicable. This will usually be within 10 working days.

Provide a written response outlining how the investigation was conducted and the outcome of the complaint, as well as offering the complainant the opportunity to discuss the outcome if appropriate. This should be within 2 working days of completing the investigation.

The decision of the Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative is Final.

Tyrone Mings Academy Ltd or their representative;

dismiss the complaint in whole or in part;
uphold the complaint in whole or in part;
decide on the appropriate action to be taken to resolve the complaint;

recommend changes to the Tyrone Mings Academy systems or procedures to ensure that problems of a similar nature do not recur.

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